Referral Management

Win new business using one of your most valuable resources—your customers

Referral Management- Offer Details
Referral Management- Order History

Customer and Affiliate Programs

Build programs your partners will love

Create, manage, and customize multiple programs for your partners in one place—then promote your programs to gain new advocates

Referral Management- Partner Orders

Rewards and Commissions

Flexible payment options for your partners

Measure and reward the results of loyal affiliates, with referral campaigns, referral revenue tracking, and bonuses for your best referrers

Referral Management- Leads

Referral Partners Portal

Increase partner visibility and agency

Organize all your partners in one location, and give each partner their own sign-in portal to manage programs and view commissions

Email Marketing Workflow


Let automation do the work for you

With automated workflows, you can assign rules for reward and partner approvals, and send rewards directly from the platform

Referral Management- Partnership Dashboard

Reporting and Dashboards

Analyze and improve your programs

Track members, partners, commissions, and offers—to see progress at every stage. Figure out who your best performing partners are, and give them the rewards they deserve