Go beyond expectations—and give your customers the support experience they deserve

Service Dashboard- Ticket Status
Service Dashboard

Ticket Management

Quickly sort and solve tickets—wherever and whoever they come from

Craft custom ticketing systems, then keep your team up to date with SLAs, ticket tracking, and response reminders. Make smarter decisions on how you sort, order, and assign tickets—through intelligent routing

Service Level Agreement SLAs

Service Level Agreements

Create SLAs to suit every contract

Make and manage custom contracts, using unique support plans. Stay on top of every service level agreement, by setting response and resolution times

Support Workflow


Let your agents excel in their area of expertise

Organize agents into categories, to focus on specialized areas of support—shortening response times and improving customer satisfaction

Customer Service- Help Topics

Self-Service Support

Help customers help themselves

Give customers instant answers, through your knowledge base and community forum—where they can search and solve frequently asked questions, while admins moderate

Service Dashboard

Reporting and Dashboards

For service that's always improving

Gain insights on every agent and customer, with custom reports and dashboards. Focus on the metrics that matter to you—by automating scheduled reports